HRG understands that government and nonprofit organizations are subject to a unique set of regulations. From ever-changing state and federal laws to unique reporting requirements to the need to make the most of what are often very limited resources, HRG has insight into your particular set of challenges and will devise solutions that meet your specific needs.

How can HRG help you succeed?

  • Devise a compensation plan that is market equitable while also ensuring responsible use of government or nonprofit funds
  • Review compensation of your top executives to ensure their pay meets industry best practices
  • Facilitate team building for boards and executives to foster teamwork and build stronger relationships
  • Fill open positions with the right talent to help your organization reach its goals
  • Audit your HR function to reduce waste, streamline processes, and improve services offered
  • Save money through the outsourcing of expensive or inefficient functions

This is just a sampling of how HRG can tailor our solutions to address your challenge, so click for a full list of services or reach out to chat with a team member!