The value of education is immeasurable. HRG is committed to helping your institution of learning not just maintain, but thrive, despite budget cuts, dipping enrollments, and constantly changing regulations and requirements.

How can HRG help you succeed?

  • Create faculty and staff pay structures that are market equitable to recruit and retain the best educators and control and forecast costs
  • Develop or improve performance management systems to identify and reward key performance indicators
  • Assess your HR function to find potential cost savings, both direct (process or product improvement) or indirect (avoiding litigation down the road)
  • Implement the updated Fair Labor Standards Act overtime changes using the special education guidelines and exceptions
  • Recruit the right people into the right positions to align with institutional goals
  • Save your institution money through the outsourcing of expensive or inefficient functions

This is just a sampling of how HRG can tailor our solutions to address your challenge, so click for a full list of services or reach out to chat with a team member!