HR Assesment

An inefficient or non-compliant Human Resource department will cost you money. Whether it’s from legal fees, lost time from lags in hiring, or incorrect timekeeping/pay practices, an HR function that isn’t running efficiently or in compliance isn’t helping you reach your goals.

HRG’s Human Resource assessment can help! An HR assessment is a thorough HR audit of tactical and strategic Human Resource functions. This assessment includes review of all HR initiatives, processes, procedures, and files that allows us to highlight strengths, pinpoint weaknesses, and provide valuable information in roadmap form to help you bridge the gaps and keep you moving in the right direction.

How can an HR assessment benefit your organization?

  • Streamline existing processes and implement new ones
  • An HR audit of current files and practices
  • Reduce possible penalties, legal fees, and back wage payouts due to non-compliance
  • Ensure the HR department is in compliance with constantly-changing laws and regulations
  • Continue to improve the efficiency and contributions of your Human Resource department
  • Provide a snapshot of the HR function and the organization’s workforce in general through an HR assessment report.

A Human Resource assessment is especially valuable during a leadership change because, whether the change is at the CEO-level or in an HR-specific role, having an objective snapshot of where the department and workforce stand and where it’s possible to go is invaluable.

Our services are tailored to fit your organization’s needs, but most HR assessments include a combination of the following tasks:

  • Interviews with executive team, managers/supervisors, and employees to gain feedback and insight on possible areas of improvement
  • Audit and review of Human Resource documents and files to determine compliance with state and federal law as well as other items on the HR compliance checklist. Documents include, but are not limited to:
    • Employee handbook
    • Job descriptions
    • Personnel files
    • Position postings
  • Provide HR feedback on areas that are performing well, as well as those areas that require improvement, through a final report and recommended roadmap
  • Audit and review current policies and programs against benchmarked “best practices” to help organizations become better places to work
  • Brief the executive team and provide follow-up activities as required


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