Is your current compensation strategy attracting and retaining the talent you need?

If you’re struggling with recruiting, retention, or turnover, a well-structured compensation strategy may be the solution. There is more to compensation than just salary, so HRG will work with you to develop an equitable and comprehensive strategy and incentive plan along with the necessary policies and procedures to comply with state and federal regulations.

A compensation philosophy and structured pay plan allows your organization to maximize your payroll funds in a way that strategically impacts your bottom line.

HRG’s experienced compensation team will conduct an evaluation of your existing compensation program and present you with tools and recommendations to keep your organization competitive and poised for growth.

A well-crafted compensation strategy will help an organization to:

  • Attract top talent
  • Retain high-value employees
  • Encourage top performance and increase employee morale
  • Adhere to legal compensation requirements
  • Link salary to performance objectives and business strategy
  • Reflect the organization’s culture through compensation

The compensation team’s services are tailored for each project, but may include the following:

  • Asses your organization’s compensation program  and compare it to the competitive market and industry
  • Analyze existing job descriptions and specifications
  • Carry out Interviews with directors, managers, or employees to determine compensation pain points or to discuss unique job specifications
  • Design a total compensation strategy that will drive performance and engagement
  • Develop a well-formulated strategic sales compensation program  to align with executive and sales key performance measures and objectives