Let HRG help you create a strategic performance management process that aligns employee performance with your corporate goals and objectives.

Whether you need help creating, revamping, or communicating your performance management system, HRG can help. The performance management process should identify, monitor, and document employee behavior and performance in a consistent manner that enables the organization to implement a set of transparent evaluation and reward standards.

According to a study by Deloitte, performance management is one of the biggest needs in the new world of work; organizations need to rethink how to manage, evaluate, and reward people.

Employees are a vital part of running your organization effectively and efficiently, so the best performance management programs will:

  • Provide employees with a clear picture of their job responsibilities, duties, and expectations
  • Create a framework for employee development through monitoring, rating progress, and incentivizing and rewarding success
  • Establish an ongoing timeline for employee evaluations and performance discussions that result in effective documentation and clear communication regarding technical, professional and interpersonal performance outcomes
  • Mitigate risk of costly lawsuits related to misconduct, employee relations, or questions regarding performance-related terminations

 What’s in your performance management toolbox?

Your performance management toolbox should contain a variety of up-to-date resources such as:

  • Fair and measurable performance appraisals
  • Comprehensive policies and procedures
  • Effective and on-going training resources that enhance employee and supervisor skillsets
  • Disciplinary action processes and performance improvement plans.
  • Incentive compensation plans and reward programs that reinforce the goals of the company and incentivize continued high performance

Let HRG tailor our performance management solutions and services to ensure your organizational effectiveness.