Conflict happens- let our experts identify the approach and provide coaching to mitigate risk and strengthen employer-employee relationships.

Conflict resolution must be done in a way that not only diffuses anger, encourages open dialogue, and resolves the problem, but strengthens the employer-employee relationship in the process. Providing an independent and unbiased coach to confidentially mediate conflicts and identify a course of action increases the chance of a sustainable outcome.

Why conflict resolution and coaching are important to YOU:

  • Prevents and resolves employee problems
  • Avoids unnecessary litigation
  • Potentially corrects poor performance
  • Improves communication
  • Minimizes employee misconduct or unethical behavior
  • Improves employee’s understanding of organizational goals and policies
  • Provides a process for resolving employee issues and reconciling differences
  • Educates employees on relevant regulations and legislation.

 Let HRG handle your misconduct and harassment investigations.

Employers are required to investigate and take the proper steps to protect employees from harassment, discrimination, and inappropriate conduct. HRG will conduct prompt, thorough, and impartial investigations that assist employers with employee complaints and result in the effective decisions that protect your organization from an unnecessary lawsuit.