How a company helps its displaced or exiting employees can have a major impact on corporate reputation and integrity. Providing outplacement and/or career transition services benefits everyone involved.

Downsizing and staff reductions are traumatic for everyone. Management loses employees, former employees need to find new jobs, and remaining staff suffers the “survivors’ guilt” that comes with not being part of the terminations, regardless of cause.  While outplacement services prepare those leaving the company to find other jobs, for those left behind, the services demonstrate management’s integrity and concern for their employees.  The return an employer sees for communicating this message is higher productivity among remaining employees and an enhanced reputation with future recruits, as well as a lower likelihood of unemployment claims, lawsuits, or negative feedback from a former employee.

HRG’s expertise in providing outplacement services is well-demonstrated; so much so, in fact, that we have codified our knowledge and experience into our own Career Transition Manual:  Your Guide to Life-long Job Security. This manual is the foundation of the career and job search process, and our professionals know how to train, coach and motivate your former employees to quickly move from shock, anger or despair to embracing the services aimed at making the challenge of finding another job easier. 

Outplacement services include:

  • One-on-one coaching for exiting employees at any level
  • Group workshops for employees involved in large-scale terminations
  • Telephone and e-mail follow-up and support
  • Job lead assistance
  • Termination decision and meeting training for managers
  • Onsite Outplacement consultants  to meet employees immediately following their termination notifications

We can bring our services to your workplace, a convenient off-site location, work with individuals at our office, or work long distance via phone or Skype. Once the project is complete and the individual’s coaching has come to an end, we solicit feedback from participants and report outcomes to the client so you assess the impact of our services.