Prospective Employees

Looking for a new job opportunity?

HRG is proud to partner with leading companies—locally or nationally—to recruit talent to fit their needs. Please click the link below to access our Career Opportunities page and start the search for your perfect position today!

If you are an individual seeking career transition assistance, please see our Career Transition solution page, or reach out to our Talent Development Specialist to get more information on how we can partner with you.

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Prospective Employers

Let HRG fill your open positions with the best talent –at any level!

Recruiting is more than just advertising for a position and interviewing the candidates – it is ensuring the description encapsulates the position, posting in the right places, using the best screening process to narrow down the candidate pool, and utilizing interview techniques that are proven to lead you to the candidate who will be the best fit for the role.

HRG’s team has filled hundreds of positions within a variety industries and levels, so whether you are recruiting for a complex skill set, multiple positions, or have a tight deadline to meet, we will tailor our process to satisfy your most challenging recruiting issues.

While we typically work on a retained search basis, we can offer additional options/packages, as well. This may include, searches performed on an hourly basis, contingency basis, or providing an on-site recruiter.

Some of the services that may be a part of your recruiting package include:

  • Analyzing your organization, industry, and market
  • Developing/creating the job description and job specifications
  • Sourcing candidates through traditional and/or nontraditional mediums
  • Recommending, implementing, and/or training employees in executing the selection process

This is just a sampling of how HRG can tailor our solutions to address your challenge, so click for a full list of services or reach out to chat with a team member!