About Us

Hanna Resource Group enhances value in the people driving your business. Partnering with both organizations and individuals, we produce results through growing and challenging our clients.

Our team of experienced professionals has a unique combination of strengths and accomplishments.  We came together as a team in the fall of 2007.  Being in a wide variety of organizations and having proven ourselves, there was something we were all missing – and that was the opportunity to be part of a fast-paced, goals and results oriented team of professionals on a daily basis.

The evolution of HRG has been exciting, challenging and dynamic!  We discovered very quickly that each day is different from the day before.  The demands of our diverse clientele has pushed us to remain ever vigilant about changes in the Human Resource industry and all things related to the management of human capital within an organization. Whether we’re asked to provide compensation plans or to coach executive management about what can or can’t be done or said, our team remains steadfast in its commitment to deliver the best and most accurate information and services at all times.

We are proud of our approach to challenge and grow our clients and bringing value and  innovation to their organizations.


Our vision is to create innovative strategic business and HR solutions that build profitable and successful places to work.


  • Create compelling and practical strategies for better business results
  • Align business, financial and HR initiatives to achieve aspirational organization objectives
  • Model behaviors that demonstrate excellence in business and community leadership

Core Values

We are committed to:

  • Achieving the highest levels of honesty and integrity
  • Seeing the big picture and using innovation and cutting-edge techniques to solve problems
  • Creating a win-win environment in all our relationships
  • Communicating with straight-talk and transparency
  • Demonstrating servant leadership

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