Award Winners, Plays, and a Leadership Conference – Oh my!

The 2015 KY SHRM Leadership Conference took place this week, and my oh my was there a lot to do and see! Some of the highlights for Hanna Resource Group included:

  • A dinner that was held in honor of the Lyle Hanna Spirit Award recipientsLyle Hanna Spirit Award Recipients
  • Lyle got to spend some time with the 2015 Lyle Hanna Spirit Award winner, Sherry Powers with Bluegrass CellularSherry Powers and Lyle Hanna
  • Cathy Fyock’s play, And Other Duties As Assigned, was premiered, and our own Lyle Hanna played a pretty interesting role! (Thanks for the photo, Cathy!)Cathy Fyock’s play, "And Other Duties As Assigned"