Winning Best Practices at KY SHRM

Each year the Human Resource community looks forward to their state’s SHRM conference, and this year’s attendees of KY SHRM were not disappointed! Between the hundreds of attendees, the perfect weather on the Belle of Louisville welcome cruise, and  the interesting and inspiring talks on generational differences in the workforce and how to “shed or you’re dead!”, people walked away having increased their knowledge of HR and having expanded their connections within the field.

With the KY SHRM conference comes an event that HRG in particular looks forward to: hosting a session on Best Practices for High Impact HR! While HRG has hosted this session for several years now, each session – just like each conference in general – is different. The HRG team begins by presenting on several trends or best practices that we are particularly excited about at the moment, and then we open up the floor for attendees to present. The format keeps attendees engaged and allows for a lot of different types of companies to be exposed to a variety of different types of ideas; it also doesn’t hurt that there are monetary prizes involved!

This year HRG’s team focused on Employee to Employee rewards to increase recognition of good performance in the workplace, HR Scorecards to ensure that your organization is setting goals and measuring how well they are moving towards them, and using the cost of labor vs. the cost of living when it comes to compensating employees. This is an important distinction because in many locations, the cost of labor is much cheaper than the cost of living, and the cost of labor normally aligns more with an organization’s goals (i.e. paying what is necessary to recruit and retain employees in that area).

Eleven different best practices were presented, with fifteen people speaking, and they presented on everything from wellness to employee rewards to reframing your approach to organizational goals. The first place winner, for example, was Tempur-Sealy with their initiative to improve the candidate experience. Kelli Simmons, Lauren Fritz, and Rachel Underwood discussed their talent acquisition approach that includes realistic job previews, thorough preparation of each candidate in order to improve their chance of success, and aligning the interview panel to have the same goals during the interview. The thought behind these and other strategies to improve the experience is not only to help them choose better candidates now, but to ensure even the peoples who don’t get the job will talk to others about their experience with Tempur-Sealy in a positive way.

This year’s participants and winners!

This year’s participants and winners!

Our second place winner was Maurie McGarvey with Paducah Bank & Trust company. Following a decision by the bank to remain locally owned, Paducah Bank & Trust had to figure out a way to differentiate themselves from the competition, and they chose do so by improving the customer experience. The best way to do that was to improve the employee experience and engagement, so they implemented an employee stock ownership program that has so far been extremely successful.

Some of the other great best practices presented included a program to provide scholarships for the children of employees (Jaime Horne, PMD Corporation), rewarding employees with a long tenure with a “10-Year Trip” that sends them and a spouse or loved one on a trip abroad (Amy Ottman, Harshaw Trane), and an employee-funded fund that pays out for disasters, such as a house burning down, allowing employees to feel they are ‘taking care of one another’ (Ashley Brown, Pamela  Moore, Marla McElroy, River View Coal).

As always, it was such a great time meeting and learning from such a variety of HR professionals, and we hope that we’ll see you there if we present again next year!